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Watch This Video of New Yorkers Trying to Nab a Subway iPhone Thief


This year, the Daily News reported that iPhone and iPad theft in New York City is up an astonishing 44 percent so far. The handheld devices, with users constantly looking down at them, are easy targets for thieves.

And, in this video from Gothamist’s Ben Yakas, taken by a NYPD surveillance camera, we see one of them in hot pursuit, caught squeezing out of a turnstile at the R train stop on Canal Street.

Good Samaritans, unite!

With the man in the suit hassling the shirtless guy who stole his pricey item, two other commuters run up to the turnstile, holding back the bars to keep the thief locked inside the self-made prison. Unfortunately, the efforts of the three men were not enough for the tatted fellow; at the end of the video, he finds a way to release himself and high-tail out of the Canal Street Station.
It sucks when we see the bad guy get away, as opposed to our fellow Voice scribe Keyana Stevens’s report on the Lorimer Street Station attacker-catch a few weeks back. But that doesn’t mean we need to continue to let it happen.
So, in the future, look out for this shirtless a-hole on the streets and subways. And grab your nearest New Yorker and fight some civilian justice on your own.

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