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Jones Beach Drowning Hoaxster Raymond Roth Still Evading Police, Threatening Family


The Long Island man accused of faking his own death to collect on an insurance payout — and get away from his wife (who now thinks he’s trying to kill her) — by pretending to get lost at sea off the coast of Jones Beach last weekend still hasn’t spoken with police, authorities said Saturday.

Police have wanted to speak with Raymond Roth, 47, ever since his bizarre scam was uncovered on Thursday, after his wife found emails he’d written to his son detailing the failed plan.

Additionally, Roth’s son Jonathan — who supposedly helped his old man attempt to fake his own death — now says he’s scared his father might try to kill him. Roth’s wife, Evana, said last week that she, too, fears Roth might be out to harm her.

Roth is believed to be back in New York, although authorities don’t seem to know where. On Friday, just hours before his wife was scheduled to
hold a press conference about his fake disappearance, he sent her a text message indicating that he was near the couple’s Massapequa home.

Jonathan Roth, 22, spoke with the New York Post over the weekend from an “undisclosed location,” where he’s been hiding from his father since
last week.

From the Post:

Jonathan Roth, 22, claims he’s in hiding, living in fear ever since his dad called him four days after he mysteriously disappeared after faking his drowning at Jones Beach.

Jonathan’s girlfriend inadvertently intercepted the call and got a furious Raymond on the other line, the couple told The Post in an exclusive interview at a secret location.

When the girlfriend angrily refused to put Jonathan on the line, father Raymond allegedly spat: “If you don’t put him on the phone, you’re going to be sorry. I’m on my way back. You’re going to be sorry.”

The dad later left a profanity-filled voice mail for his son. Jonathan said the message proclaimed: “Still not a man, huh, Jonathan? Can’t even answer your own phone . . . Listen, tough guy. You say you’ve been to the Marines and you can kill and everything else. When I get back, you are gonna do just that. One of us is going to die.”

Last week, Roth’s wife held a press conference, where she told reporters her husband had threatened her, as well.

“I’m afraid he’s going to come after me because I’m the one who found out he is alive,” Evana Roth says of her husband. “This is a terrible nightmare that I want to wake up from.

“Everything he had, had to be bigger and better than anyone else but he didn’t have the money to do it. Faking his death is a horrific thing. I just can’t believe he’d do something like that. It’s like a horrible movie.”

Roth apparently found out about his wife’s plan to address the media.

“At least tell me why. What is going on?” Roth texted his wife just prior to her addressing the media. “I just heard u [sic] have a press conference later. Be nice. Almost 15 years together.”

Roth initially told his wife he was at a bar in North Carolina on Friday, but indicated that he actually was back in New York, and near the home the
two share with Jonathan, Roth’s son from another marriage.

“The place looks a little crowded. I just drove by. Call me later,” Roth texted.

Evana says she received a bizarre phone call after telling police she’d discovered her husband is alive. She assumes it was Roth after he discovered she’d ratted him out.

“Raymond called me after his brother and I called the police,” she says. “First I asked who it was and he hung up. He called again and I said ‘who is this?'”

Roth said she heard him angrily say “you know who this is.”

“I just hung up the phone. I had nothing to say to him. I’m in fear of my life now,” she says.

Roth says she changed the locks on the doors and will seek orders of protection from her husband and stepson.

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