Liza In Fire Island! My Inside Report From The Front Row


She was there!


At the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, as presented by Daniel Nardicio (above photo, yellow shirt)!

Doing two shows!

And I hear she got a nice week in Fire Island with her friends, so it was a lovely experience all around.

But let’s start at the top.

On Friday, Nardicio had his weekly underwear party at the Ice Palace, filled with hotties in their skivvies prancing around as a gogo boy lay half naked on a table, surrounded by food.

I cohosted with Will Wikle, which meant I wore many layers while floating around and beaming a lot.

The next night, same place, Liza entertained with Alan Cumming.

Cumming emerged onstage first, telling us that this would be the gayest night in modern history–apparently even gayer than the underwear bash the previous night, when he’d gamely placed a jellybean in the food boy’s crack.

I determined to find it!

Cumming then dazzled with smart, funny, touching, observant song stylings.

From his Adele/Gaga/Kate Perry mashup to his own confessional tune to a cover of Annie Lennox’s “Why?” and beyond, he was sensationally strong and also provided a great, steady counterpart to Liza.

And out she came! Wearing black pants, a black bugled beaded top, and a thin, blood red scarf!

Liza and Cumming did an adorably free-wheeling “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

She made florid arm gestures while singing that Aznavour song “What Makes A Man A Man”–sort of the original “I Am What I Am”–and she would certainly know about the need for gay expression after a couple of her husbands, lol.

She and Cumming did “Money” from Cabaret.

She belted “Maybe This Time” as Cumming added some sarcastic counterpoint. (Liza: “Maybe this time he’ll stay.” Cumming: “Fat chance, Liza.”)

And they closed with “Cabaret,” and lots of musical carrying on about how they won’t die like Elsie.

The whole thing was an orgy of appreciation. The crowd was in heaven all through it.

Oh, and I stayed at the Belvedere, that charming and legendary white castle oasis, where I think I saw the food guy and the jellybean wasn’t there anymore.

Like I said, magical!

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