New York

The Amazing Wisdoms Of The Homeless Man On My Corner


No, he’s not the person in the above image.

He’s camera-shy–and in fact told me he’d like to only go by the appellation “H.G.”

As in Homeless Guy.

And he’s got some great things to say.

To wit:

“If you’re happily married, then you’re not doing it right.”

“When you’re too thin, that’s when they think you’re a crack addict and they start hiding the silverware.”

Mitt Romney will be your biggest Mitt-stake.”

“You know why I like Sarah Palin? Because she’s a babe with a gun.”

“I don’t want Sarah Palin for President, but she’d look nice in a calendar.”

“The only two things you don’t find in religion are the word of God and poor people.”

“You know which strong black leader should run for President? Michelle Obama.”

“New York City was better before Giuliani.”

All right, that last one wasn’t all that hilarious, but the truth doesn’t always have to be funny.

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