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To Reach The Unreachable Friend


What do you do about the friend who can’t seem to stay focused long enough to return a call/text/tweet/email?

And when you do finally get a reply from them, you can’t hold on to it because their communication skills seem to evaporate as they type it.

Let me explain:

After waiting a week for them to reply to your email about making some plan together, they finally email back.

You’ve got them!

Alas, their reply isn’t conclusive, so you have to email your own reply, asking for more information.

You did so the second you got their email, so you know they’re online and available.

But they don’t respond!


Two days later, they finally send you a text.

You’re thrilled to know they’re reachable so you text them right back, begging for more info to pin them down on your plan.

They don’t reply!

Three days after that, you notice they’ve messaged you on Facebook!

You breathlessly message them right back!

They don’t reply!

And the same thing happens over and over again with tweets, calls, faxes, and freaking messenger pigeons!

Do these people really just have an attention problem–or are they on some serious crack?

Or maybe there are just too many forms of communication.

In the old days, you either picked up the phone or you didn’t.

Now you have a lot more venues to make people crazy with.

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