Chick-Fil-A Flap: Brooklyn Republican Invites Homophobic Chicken Peddler Dan Cathy To Open Restaurant


Not everyone’s in a huff over the anti-gay comments made by homophobic chicken peddler/Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy. Take GOP Assembly hopeful Russell Gallo, for example, who has now invited Cathy to open a restaurant smack-dab in the middle of Brooklyn.

Gallo wrote a letter to Cathy yesterday apologizing for comments made by mayoral hopeful/City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who urged Cathy to stay the hell out of New York City because his views on gay marriage don’t jibe with the vast majority of Gothamites.

“I want you to know that Ms. Quinn does not speak for all New Yorkers. I and many of my neighbors agree with your views on traditional family units. But more importantly, I’m sure we all could agree that no one in government should tell anyone what to believe, who to support and how to spend our money,” Mr. Gallo wrote in his letter to Cathy.

Cathy, as you probably know by now, created a stir a couple of weeks ago when he decided to let the world know that he opposes same-sex marriage. He cites his “Christian” values and the fact that it’s not America’s place to redefine “Biblical marriage.”

Cathy’s comments prompted pols across the country to tell the chicken chief to stay out of their respective municipalities.

Gallo, however — who is trying to appeal to the far-right-wingers in the district he hopes to represent — is not amongst the outraged. And he’s apparently got a hankerin’ for a Southern-style chicken sandwich.

“I look forward to enjoying a sandwich in Brooklyn some time in the future,” Gallo wrote.

See Gallo’s complete letter to Cathy below.



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