Chili Crab Dip With Mantou From Masak, Dish #71


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Masak is a newish East Village restaurant that plays fast and loose with Singaporean cuisine, a sort of subtler offshoot to what Zak Pelaccio has been doing at Fatty Crab all these years.

That’s great, because there’s plenty of room for that kind of lusty, no-holds-barred cooking, heavily redolent of chiles, fish sauce, and seafood.

In fact, Masak’s chile crab dip — a Malaysian and Singaporean standard — is nothing short of brilliant. Shreds of crab dominate the flavor of this thick potage, with a spicy red sauce that makes you want to dip again and again, no redipping prohibition can ever prevail here.

The dipper is a tiny loaf of bread called mantou, which tastes something like a refined doughnut. And when you run out, ask for more, and the restaurant will gladly oblige.

432 East 13th Street