Spielberg’s Version Of Abe Lincoln Is Ready For A Peek


Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming movie about Abraham Lincoln doesn’t make the President look like E.T., Jaws, or something out of Jurassic Park.

In fact, it makes him look exactly like Daniel Day-Lewis, who’s playing the part.

With a hint of Walter Huston.

Here’s’ a stirring image from the film, which has a screenplay that Tony Kushner adapted from a section of a Doris Kerns Goodwin book–one that focuses on the strategic period during which Lincoln figured how to abolish slavery.

“He thought things out,” says Spielberg. “He talked things out. He argued both sides of every issue.”

And he got results.

So did Spielberg–partly by calling the actors by the characters’ names to keep them in the spirit of the piece.

I wonder if getting called “Mr. President’ all day made Day-Lewis’s head swell a little.

And if Sally Field liked being called, “Hey, Mary!”

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