Starbucks Appreciation Day Isn’t Percolating Much


Yesterday I urged you to go to a Starbucks today to show support for a place that’s pro-same-sex marriage.

It pained me to beg people to patronize a business that’s gentrified formerly interesting neighborhoods with overpriced lattes.

But they have positive views on this particular topic, and a rally of support was important as a rebuke to the dummos who lined up to support Chick- Fil-A as flag-waving patriots for being so brave as to feel gays don’t deserve equal rights.

Well, I went to the Starbucks on Astor Place a little while ago and there were people there, but it wasn’t swarming.

There were about 18 gay-positive coffee lovers on line–a decent amount–and 40-50 folks scattered throughout the establishment.

But it didn’t feel like a happening.

It was OK, but it was hardly Chick Fil-A-MAZING.

Either we’ve become too complacent about this issue or the event just wasn’t organized and promoted with enough vehemence.

And now it seems like we may have lost this particular battle, especially since the haters cagily framed their actions as being pro-freedom-of-speech.

And yet, there’s still time.

Ready for some gay latte, anyone?