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When Your Friend Is A Repeater…


Nothing’s worse than a friend who repeats more than a bad tuna sandwich.

You say stuff to them in confidence and they agree with you, and it’s all in dishy, intimate, entre-nous-ish fun.

I.e., it’s off the record.

But the next thing you know, the person you were talking about isn’t speaking to you anymore!

Your supposed friend repeated every vicious word–while painting themselves as an innocent!

(You know, “I kept trying to disagree, but he just wouldn’t listen.”)

It’s the deadliest game because you start to feel like you’re not having private conversations, you’re actually giving interviews, and they’re filled with damaging statements that will be used against you simply because an indiscreet person with flapping gums can’t resist relaying incriminating blather to people.

Even worse is when the friend makes up stuff that you didn’t even say!

One ex-pal paints himself as the watchdog of a certain high-profile lady.

Whenever her name came up, I made sure to bite my tongue and only say great things about her because I know what a repeater/brat/psycho he can be.

Besides, I liked her!

But the next time I saw the lady, she froze me out! Acted hurt! Wouldn’t even look at me!

God knows what crap he told her–all lies.

So I did the same to the repeater/brat/psycho.

And now I finally feel like I can speak my mind without sensing an imaginary tape recorder/distorter in the room.

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