Awkward Moment Averted During Drag Show


As you know, this week’s column details my trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts, the gay compound where every drag queen on earth is given the stage she deserves–and a microphone too.

And one of them, Miss Richfield 1981, does a zippy show at the Crown and Anchor, filled with audience interaction and sassy remarks.

Well, the night I saw the show, Miss Richfield approached an older lady sitting in a wheelchair in the crowd.

“They’re rolling them in left and right!” said Richfield, as the audience guffawed, enjoying the moment of very dark humor.

But it soon became evident that the woman–named Claire–was rather strokey and couldn’t speak at all.

She seemed dazed, unable to respond, and just sat there, hardly able to banter back with a drag queen–or anyone.


Fortunately, Miss Richfield made a sudden about face, asking Claire’s family members some innocent, upbeat questions that completely changed the subject while avoiding anything icky or problematic.

She then thanked them for bringing Claire as the audience applauded.

It all ended with smiles, and Claire herself even seemed to be responding a little.

“Thanks for coming, Claire!” exclaimed Miss Richfield.

And thanks to a drag queen for saving us from a potentially downscale moment.

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