Park Artist Decision Faces Additional Delays


Looks like it’s going to a long, long time before the legal disagreement between New York’s artists and the Department of Parks and Recreation gets settled.

The Voice was furnished with info that one of the lawsuits artists had filed against the City — the “Dua” case — will be adjourned until October, meaning that there probably won’t be any significant developments for a few months.

Here’s why the Dua delay is important, though.

As we previously reported, Robert Lederman — who runs advocacy group ARTIST and has filed a federal lawsuit on the same issue — had tried to intervene on the Dua case, basically submitting evidence for Dua’s side.

Just hang on for a few more moments, and we promise this will make sense…

Lederman was concerned that the federal judge handling his case — U.S. Judge Richard Sullivan — would base a decision off of the Dua ruling, which is being decided at the state level.

So, if the Dua judge — Hon. Milton Tingling — didn’t decide in favor of the artists, Lederman worried his case wouldn’t progress (hence his stepping in with evidence.)

The City, however, has publicly disagreed that Sullivan would be impacted by Tingling, and doubts whether the adjournment — requested by the Dua lawyer — means anything.

Said City counsel Sheryl Neufeld: “The delay in this case is procedural. We merely adjourned at the plaintiffs’ attorney’s request to give them additional time. We’ll still have an opportunity to reply before everything is submitted to the court on Oct. 19. We don’t think this adjournment will have any discernible impact.”

We reached out to the Dua artist lawyers to see what’s up. We’ll update if we hear back.

Whatever is going on, one thing’s for certain: New York’s artist-vendors will have to wait yet more time for a court to decide their fate.

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