A Hot Handful Of Blind Gossip For You!


Let’s not beat around the potted plant:

*Which star’s nail biting obsession has gotten so bad that she bleeds all over her outfits and they need to constantly change her into a resonable facsimile of the dress she just stained?

It’s enough to make you worry!

*Whose boyfriend is gay and she doesn’t really mind, seeing as this is what she wanted right now and he looks good? Besides, her manager actually likes her having a ditzy queen in her life, as opposed to someone who might boss her around?

*Which feud supposedly started years ago when she said “Who the fuck is Diane Warren?” and he thought she said “Who the fuck is Dionne Warwick?” (That level of ignorance pissed him off and he went ballistic about it. From there, the grudge grew like a fungus.)

*Which middle-aged scion of an incredibly rich clan was supposed to be the clean one, but she’s back in a crack house, more of a mess than ever?

Hey, don’t ask me!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 9, 2012

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