From Newsweek: Are These Really the Best Places to Eat in New York?


Ah, the controversy that comes with naming the “best” places. Newsweek “gathered 53 luminary chefs” and compiled a list of the 101 best places to eat around the world. Here are the New York nominations:

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare
Specialty: Fried Blowfish Tails
“It’s the Western version of omakase — a small, intimate setting where the chefs cook for you and serve you directly.” — Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin, New York

Specialty: Black Sea Bass in Syrah
“I had such an incredible dinner at Daniel that he may have single-handedly salvaged my opinion of fine dining. . . . Expert, delicious, exciting, and very, very beautiful. No palate fatigue whatsoever! We asked to have wine paired, and it was the best pairing I’ve ever had.” — Gabrielle Hamilton, Prune, New York

Specialty: Spicy Clam Pizza
“Where sustainable meets a passion for Italian food and pizza.” — Alain Ducasse, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris

Specialty: Cevapi With Onions
“Kafana, a Yugoslavian delight in the East Village, is focused, unwavering, and explicitly Serbian-Croatian, with grilled meats and chopped, crunchy, fresh salads. The staff is fast and sharp, and no one around you at the tables is speaking English; you feel as if you’ve just wandered into a popular, bustling, low-key supper club in a bohemian neighborhood of Dubrovnik.” — Gabrielle Hamilton, Prune, New York

Momofuku Noodle Bar
Specialty: Pork-Belly Ramen
“It’s truly a New York restaurant par excellence with all of David Chang’s identity. It rocks, it’s noisy, it really fits into its urban milieu. There are the wonderful buns — Chinese brioches — and the spicy noodles with spinach and peanuts, which are served icy cold. Really intense.” — Inaki Aizpitarte, Le Châteaubriand, Paris

Specialty: Italian Thanksgiving
“I love their take on Italian-American cuisine. They do a spectacular job of combining the charm of classic dishes with the polish of modern New York food. The setting is very familial — small, intimate, and just delicious. Simple but inventive, classic but new.” — Daniel Humm, Eleven Madison Park, New York

Great, horrible, or just a lazy list? Commenters — especially the Canadians — seem to be irked. “Since when is North America consist of only the United States, or is it that no other country in North America has anyplace to eat?” IRN wrote.