Medical Marijuana: New Jersey Registers Prescription Pot Patients


Despite previous delays in the development of its medical marijuana program, New Jersey is now moving to implement it — and has started signing up patients and caregivers.

Here’s how it works: Prescription pot participants have to get a rec from one of the 150 docs in the program, according to The Associated Press.

Curative cannabis can be obtained only by patients with certain ailments, such as “glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and terminal cancer.”

Registration fees hit $200 for a two-year card, but individuals on public assistance can pay $20.

Greenleaf Compassion Center, located Montclair, is the state’s first legal dispensary, the AP notes. Right now, Greenleaf is cultivating its first crop and expects to be in business in September.

So far, no New Jersey residents have gotten prescription pot — even though the state’s medical marijuana measure was greenlighted in January 2010.

Also of note in the weed world…

A new study suggests that kids might be getting high off of other people’s medical marijuana supplies, the Atlantic‘s James Hamblin writes, with 121 out of 164 study participants (74 percent) using others’ prescription pot.

Hamblin does note, however, that the data set is skewed — the University of Colorado study involves adolescents in a substance abuse program, who are probably more likely than the general population to have a history with diverted drugs.

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