Even Fox News Thinks Obama Is Winning


The fair and balanced channel just polled a random sampling of voters, and the results seem fair and balanced!

In fact, Obama got 49% of the votes, as opposed to only 40% for Mitt Romney.

This is the President’s biggest lead over Romney since the latter became his opponent, and it’s easy to see what’s behind the shift.

The Republican wannabe made more faux pas overseas than when Mr. Magoo confused a bullring in Mexico for a U.S. highway.

And there was that mess about his not wanting to providing too many tax returns, which raised enough red flags to make us all feel like IRS auditors.

Plus there’s a growing feeling that’s he’s “phony”, “out of it”, and “only cares about rich people”.

Add to that the fact that Obama wisely went on the offensive, blasting Romney’s gaffes in a lavish ad campaign, and the result was as inevitable as the implosion of Sarah Palin‘s career four years ago.

As a result, Obama’s getting a larger margin of support from independents than before, not to mention a bump from women, blacks, and Democrats.

It must pain Fox News to have to pass on the fact that their man is slipping in the public’s imagination like so much gel through a shower grate.

What are they gonna tell us next–that the war in Iraq was a fake?

Thanks to Rex Wockner for the tip.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 10, 2012

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