Lakruwana’s Mango Mousse, Dish #68


Sunday buffet, $11.95

Shortly after moving to New York, I read about Sri Lankan food culture on Staten Island and immediately wanted to visit. But it wasn’t until several years later, when I actually had a friend living on Staten Island, that I realized how easy it is to get there. No more excuses! On a sunny day, I biked to the ferry and set off on an adventure.

If you’ve never tried Sri Lankan food before, Lakruwana’s Sunday buffet is a good way to explore the different flavors. Indian food is the easiest comparison to make, but Sri Lankan food definitely has its own distinct set of tastes. The buffet begins with a hand washing station, which I appreciated after the gritty ferry and bike ride. I made sure to try a little bit of everything, including a sweet-and-spicy eggplant dish and a side of fried chiles. I’m a sucker for spicy foods, so I couldn’t help eating the chiles then briefly regretting the decision, only to find myself popping another bite in my mouth soon after. . . . But the most exciting dish at the buffet was the mango mousse, which was sweet, creamy, light, and deeply flavored of mango.

668 Bay Street
Staten Island

L. Nichols is a Brooklyn-based artist.