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Mt. Vernon Woman Claims Miscarriage. Then Cops Found A Dead Baby In Her Apartment


When doctors noticed a Mt. Vernon woman was no longer pregnant, she told them she had a miscarriage. Her claim was determined to be a load of crap when police discovered a dead baby boy in her apartment.

On August 3, following her claim of a miscarriage, doctors examined 27-year-old Kadian Gilzeane and determined that she’d actually given birth.

Doctors called police, who searched Gilzeane’s apartment, which is where they found the dead baby wrapped in plastic.

Authorities say an autopsy of the body showed that the boy was alive when he was born.

It’s unclear how, or why, Gilzeane allegedly murdered her son.

Gilzeane, who has no prior criminal record, also is the mother of a disabled 5-year-old girl, who is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Gilzeane’s been charged with one count of murder.

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