This Week in Disgusting Disease Outbreaks: Swine Flu


This news shouldn’t put a damper on your weekend activities, unless you really had your heart set on going to an ag fair — like all of these that take place in New York.

The Centers for Disease Control has reported that there’s been an outbreak of swine flu strain — with 145 diagnosed cases since July 12, the Los Angeles Times notes. (Recall that a version of the porcine plague, H1N1, was a public health problem a few years back.)

However, there’s some good news.

Nobody has died from this year’s outbreak (H3N2v) and even though swine flu sucks, it’s a lot like the regular flu (coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, etc.) — so you would probably wind up alright unless you have a weakened immune system.

Also, with this year’s upswing, it seems like most of the cases involve agricultural fairs.

So, if you avoid pigs at these fests, you’ll probably be OK.

And, in case you have no common sense whatsoever and didn’t realize this already, the Times advises: “Be sure to wash your hands after contact with swine, avoid eating in animal pens and stay away from pigs that are sneezing, coughing or listless.”

This info comes shortly after the CDC announced a whooping cough outbreak, as well as reports that another influenza — bird flu — is making seals sick.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 10, 2012

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