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BREAKING: Mitt Romney Chooses Rep. Paul Ryan as His VP


Whelp, it looks like the unbelievably hyped media might have gotten it right this time.

At a campaign stop in Norfolk, Virginia this morning, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney announced to whoever was listening that the Representative from Wisconsin, Mr. Paul Ryan, would run alongside him in this race for the White House. The news first spread via a mobile campaign app at around 7am this morning. The text was simple: “Mitt’s choice for VP is Rep. Paul Ryan.”
The former governor of Massachusetts had some choice words to describe his new running mate.
“Paul is a man of tremendous character,” he said, and “the right man to lead America back to prosperity and greatness.”
The media, however, is already hopping on the hate train: Michael Tomasky of the Daily Beast called it a “terrible, stunning choice” and the folks at the New York Times described it as a choice that will “shake” up the election this fall.
And maybe they’re right.
For those who don’t know Mr. Ryan, here’s a quick background check. Deemed a prodigy child in conservative circles, this is the guy who took the anger and frustration of the Tea Party towards government spending and made it into a budget somehow. His blueprint for the government is one of the most ideologically driven and ambitious budgets seen in a while, cutting through almost every government program, dismantling some for good. He has been in Congress since 1999 and, besides the budget, his claim to fame is his voucher program for Medicare.
In regards to the legacy (or stain, whatever you prefer) that Palin has left behind on the running mate throne for the GOP, Mitt went a completely different direction than McCain this time around. Rather than choosing a candidate that would fire up the base through cultural conservatism, Mitt went with someone he knows could help him school Obama on the economy. In other words, Romney finally realized that the economy is all that matters in 2012.
With Ryan as his VP, Mitt has found his economic warrior.

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