Year of the Takeout Day 220: Is This The Biggest Moo Shu EVER?


Vegetable Moo Shu from Sun Lok Kitchen (38-10 Broadway, Astoria, 718-626-3761)

The internet tells us that moo shu — said to have originated in the Northern province of Shandong — is one of the few dishes on the menu at American takeout places that actually comes from China.

It’s thought to have wound up in the states at some point in the 1960s, as the original porcine version was served at several northeastern Chinese restos which strayed from straight-up Cantonese cuisine.

We opted for veggie today, being completely irrationally freaked out by that whole swine flu thing, which you probably cannot get from eating normal pigs, but whatever…psychologically, we just cannot stomach eating an animal associated with a (mucusy) disease outbreak unless, maybe, we were on a desert island full of pulled pork sandwiches, or something.

Anyway, at Sun Lok, $7.35 doesn’t just buy this heaping plate of slightly sweet, stir-fried veggies.

Not pictured is a giant platter of white rice, which comes with the dish, and several miraculously — and marvelously — thin pancakes: They are square and finer than the most delicate dessert crepes.


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