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Man With a Knife Gunned Down in the Middle of Times Square


We can bet half of all the tourists checking out the sites on West 38th Street didn’t expect this.

At around 3:15pm, a 51-year-old man with an 11-inch butcher knife led twenty cops or so on a drawn out chase through the onset of Times Square. Tourists fled in panic or took their cellphones out to tweet and record the entire showdown.
The police had pepper-sprayed the man but to no avail, leading him to yell “Shoot me! Shoot me!” in front of throngs of people. As the cops cornered him on Seventh Avenue and West 38th Street, the man lunged at the cops one last time, forcing the authorities to shoot the man in the torso several times. Around ten shots or so were fired – he died at Bellevue Hospital soon after.
Yes, just your ordinary Saturday afternoon in Times Square.
The showdown began when cops stopped the man for lighting up a joint on West 44th Street, which, in that area, probably doesn’t fly. At that point, this guy took out a knife, threw on a blue bandanna and started running through the crowds. Even after the first pepper spray encounter, he continued to wildly flail his knife all over the place. And, as we mentioned before, we all know how that ended.
The only records of this nutjob, whose last address was in Hempstead, Long Isand, show that he has been reprimanded for harassment and pot possession.
And, after reading this story, this doesn’t come as much surprise.

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