Beware of Rabid Beaver!


And now for some proof why the concrete jungle is way safer than real nature.

Normand Brousseau, an Upstate Boy Scout leader, got in a life-threatening fight with a rabid beaver in the Delaware River.

As reported by the Daily News, the animal “raced up from the depths of the Delaware River and planted its razor-sharp teeth into his chest.”

A stunned Brousseau told reporters, “I couldn’t believe it. I thought it might be a giant carp but never a beaver.”

Continues the News:

“That was only the start of Brousseau’s beaver battle, a struggle that left his — and the animal’s — blood in the water.

‘It just kept attacking me and attacking me,’ he said. ‘I’d get it off me and then it would bite me again. I got bit in six different spots…. on my butt too.’

Brousseau got the upper hand when he grabbed the beaver by the jaw and swam to shore, where his scouts helped stone the animal to death.

Said one scout: “It probably took a good five minutes to kill it…We threw like 20-pound rocks on it. It took a while to die.”

He found out the next day that the animal was sick. He now has multiple puncture wounds and has had 20 rabies shots since the incident.

Of course, the scouts had originally thought that Brousseau was joking, as did some of the campers’ moms.

“I’m thinking, yeah right,” said one such mom, Susan Treacy of Stanfordville. “Bear I’d understand, but a beaver?”

In case you do decide to brave the great outdoors — even after reading this — here are some signs that an animal might be rabid and quickly turning batshit and that you should avoid it.

From the Centers for Disease Control: “The first symptoms of rabies may be nonspecific and include lethargy, fever, vomiting, and anorexia (loss of appetite.) Signs progress within days to cerebral dysfunction, cranial nerve dysfunction, ataxia, weakness, paralysis, seizures, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, excessive salivation, abnormal behavior, aggression, and/or self-mutilation.”



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