Breaking News: New York Teenagers Like Smoking Weed


In what might come to a shock as precisely no one, teenagers in New York like to smoke weed. What is somewhat shocking is the number of teens willing to admit that they like smoking weed.

A new survey conducted by the Centers For Disease Control shows that 17.7 percent of New York City teens smoke pot — and are willing to admit it to pollsters.

That figure is the highest rate of teenage potheads since health bully/New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg began his reign over the health habits of New Yorkers 10 years ago — the rate is up from 12.3 percent in 2005.

The study on “youth risk behavior” — first obtained by the New York Post — also shows that despite Bloomberg’s health-bullying, teens in the Big Apple are still fat, lazy slobs, and Big Gulps aren’t exclusively to blame.

The poll shows that 28 percent of New York’s teens are overweight or obese, which makes sense considering 80 percent don’t get the recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day, and six out of 10 teens say they don’t have gym class at their respective high schools — while the mayor wants to rid the world of big-boy cups of soda, it’s not a requirement in New York City for kids schools to offer physical education classes.

The survey goes on to show that 44 percent of New York teens play video games or mess around on the Internet on school days, and 38 percent watch more than three hours of TV per day.

We spoke with City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito earlier this year about the mayor’s proposed ban on Big Gulps. She says that aside from hurting businesses, Bloomberg’s plan does nothing to confront the real cause of obesity: people sitting around like lazy slobs and not getting any exercise.

“[The ban] is just a distraction and does nothing to get at the root of the issue,” she says.

But let’s cut Hizzoner a little slack — waving his mayoral wand and banning soda is a lot easier than getting kids off their asses and into the gym.