Is Dark Knight’s Catwoman A Lesbian?


Is it too soon to attempt a calm discussion about the contents of The Dark Knight Rises?

Anyway, when I saw it, my friend kept murmuring, “Catwoman’s a lesbian!”

The truth is, you do wonder a lot about Anne Hathaway character, Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Her affection for men seems distinctly manipulative, whereas she obviously has a true connection with her sidekick, Jen–played by British actress Juno Temple–who’s all over her like a Labels For Less suit.

These two are into each other even more than Bruce Wayne and his credit cards.

And guess what comic strip lovers the world over know like the back of their hands?

Jen bears a strong resemblance to Holly Robinson, the sidekick of Selina who in Catwoman, vol 3 shared an apartment with Selina (as she had before) and was revealed to be a lesbian!

Knowing Hollywood, they probably changed it from “Holly Robinson” to “Jen” just so you couldn’t make that connection, but the fact is, the two of them seem extremely sapphic in their same-sex-tastic exploits.

And after all, lesbians love cats!

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