Maharlika Holding a Duck-Fetus-Eating Contest


Filipino joint Maharlika is holding a balut-eating contest at its downtown location in the DeKalb Market. The squeamish need not apply.

Balut is a fertilized duck egg — a duck embryo — common to Southeast Asia and usually eaten with salt, lemon juice, pepper, and mint leaves. If you get an egg that is more developed, you’ll get a peek at some feathers, bones, and beak.

“I wouldn’t recommend eating that much, though,” Nicole Ponseca of Maharlika told the Brooklyn Paper. “Too much cholesterol.”

From the restaurant’s website:

“Participants will compete against each other, ‘Coney Island hot dog eating contest’-style to determine who will be crowned balut-eating champion. Possible entrants can e-mail us at, deadline to enroll is 8/23.”

So far, only three people have signed up.