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Pat Robertson Defies Gays To Pop Babies Out Of Their Butts


And he doesn’t mean just gerbil babies!

Thanks to the Christian Nightmares site, here’s the esteemed Pat’s message in regard to the anti-biblical protest that’s been raging against Chick Fil-A:

“I defy these homosexuals to bring forth a baby from that part of the anatomy which they concentrate on.

“When that happens, I will change everything I’m saying.”

In other words, he wants us to magically pop babies out of our anuses before we can get human rights!

Well, Pat, you can’t perform that trick either, but we’re not saying you shouldn’t get married (though maybe…).

It takes a woman to produce such an action–and guess what?

Lesbians happen to be women!

And people who give up their babies for adoption (you know, to be taken by people like gays) are women!

And people who gay mens’ sperm impregnates are women!

Just like with your own jizz!

So it all works out!

By your ridiculous logic, a straight couple that biologically isn’t able to have children would be an abomination, even if they adopt!

And when was underpopulation the big problem overtaking the planet anyway?

Shut up Pat, and go back to your second-rate shake.

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