The Art of Cutting Food with Playing Cards


Ye Tongxin, a 48-year-old school-bus manager in Nanjing, has been training for 10 years to slice cucumbers with playing cards. His current best is to cut through 12 cucumbers in 42 seconds. If he can manage to cut through 18 in under 60 seconds, he will set a new Guinness World Record. Card throwing may not be new, but Mr. Tongxin’s intense dedication to it is pretty extraordinary.

Ricky Jay, the stage magician who played villain Henry Gupta in Tomorrow Never Dies, is also an acclaimed card thrower. Below, he defends himself against an “out of season and terribly expensive” watermelon:

Feeling competitive? For a (silly) lesson in card throwing, turn to this old video from pro poker player Chris Ferguson, who shows us how to grip and throw a card. “Just like Julia Child,” he says.