The Voice Talks To KNPR About the 37 Reasons Why We Hate Las Vegas [AUDIO]


We must admit: when KNPR, the NPR affiliate of Las Vegas, contacted us and asked, “Do you want to come on the air to talk about ’37 Reasons Why An Unapologetically Judgmental New Yorkers Hates Las Vegas’?” we were a tad nervous. In fact, the polite, kind and good-natured people at KNPR’s State of Nevada almost made us feel guilty for writing the anti-Vegas screed. (Well, almost.)

We went on the air with them on Friday to talk about our list and to try to be a little less screechy about why we didn’t like the city. Some of the reasons are pure snark (“No. 10: There are 31 flavors of Cirque Du Soleil, all peddling the same shit with a different soundtrack”) while others are more serious (“No. 32: When you realize an entire “city’s” “economy” is based on this madness, it makes sense why it spent 22 straight months as the metro area with the highest rate of home foreclosure”).

We tried to explain to KNPR’s audience that we imagine there is a city beyond the strip. But that’s one of things that enraged us most about Vegas. Unlike any other city in the world we’ve visited on four continents, it felt impossible to walk or meander outside of the tourist trap (and it did, indeed, feel like a trap). Here’s the audio:

Thanks to the good folks at KNPR for being quite nice to this judgmental New Yorker.