Make Your Own Postcard That Smells Like Food


Ah. It’s a foodie and traveler’s dream. A student from China has designed a machine to capture the aroma of a meal on a postcard.

How it works: The device is the combination of a camera, smell extractor, and printer. The camera takes the picture of the food, a smell extractor collects the aroma of it, and the printer prints a postcard with aroma ink.

The student, 20-year-old Zhu Jingxuan, spent months designing the product and won the “most fun” award of the sixth Sony Student Design Workshop.

But will we ever see this in the markets? According to Sony, maybe.

“None of the designs have been commercialized so far because they are concept designs and very avant-garde,” Cai Leilei, senior manager with the corporate public relations department of Sony (China) Ltd., told China Daily. “But we are considering taking some of the designs to the market.”

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