Medical Marijuana: Denver Moves Toward Prescription Pot Ad Ban


Yesterday proved difficult for Denver’s prescription pot shops.

The City Council voted 13-0 to ban outdoor advertising for medical marijuana, The Associated Press reports.

What this means? Though the measure needs one more vote next week, it’s likely to pass, so dispensaries would no longer be permitted to use “billboard, bus-bench and sidewalk sign-twirler” methods of marketing.

As we reported yesterday, these developments have also created a schism in the city’s curative cannabis community.

Some supporters of medical marijuana are actively fighting the proposed ban but some support it, saying that it’s part of compromise and good citizenship.

The AP notes that state laws on medical marijuana advertising vary greatly across the U.S.

Some states, such as Vermont and Montana, ban adverts altogether.

Others, such as California and Colorado, are OK with ads, even when they feature prominently in public forums.

And elsewhere in the weed world…

Journalist Martin A. Lee, who’s soon to release a social history of marijuana, claims that Attorney General Eric Holder’s crackdown on California cannabis is a means of distracting Republican lawmakers from the Fast and the Furious gun-walking mess, according to the SF Weekly.

Another development worth watching?

Arkansas medical marijuana supporters submitted additional signatures to the secretary of state’s office yesterday, so that the issue can be decided on the November ballot, the AP notes.

Though prescription pot proponents have been pushing the petition all summer, they had to gather more names, as some of the original signatories were not registered voters.

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