When Once-Big Stars Get Tiny Roles


I really liked Hope Springs, but I was a little shocked to see two former leading ladies in teeny-weeny parts.

If you’ve seen Mimi Rogers in the trailer, you’ve seen pretty much her entire role (Carol, the Neighbor).

Add a couple more lines and that’s the whole thing!

Mimi was brilliant in 1991’s The Rapture, a searing drama about religious fanaticism, interestingly enough.

And she did well in other movies too.

So what’s with the cameo?

Is this what happens when you leave Scientology?

Also in Hope Springs, Elisabeth Shue has one tiny scene as Karen the Bartender.

She says something about red wine, then asks people who haven’t had sex to raise their hands, then comps Meryl’s wine.

And that’s it!

The one still that I could find with Elisabeth in it (above) doesn’t even show her face!

Of course maybe there were scenes that were cut, but whatever the case, it just reads as “Oscar nominee who was big in the ’90s is now reduced to don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-them parts.”

Fortunately, Shue has what seems to be a way bigger role in an upcoming Jennifer Lawrence film.

But I hate to see what they’ll be giving Jennifer Lawrence to do in 20 years.

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