Chris Rock Tells Me: “I Used To Be A Bit Of An Asshole!”


Maybe Chris Rock should have talked to me before he played a Village Voice writer opposite Julie Delpy in Delpy’s new film, 2 Days In New York.

But at least he talked to me after the fact for this week’s zippy and eye-popping column.

And Chris tells me everything, like who he really based his performance on.

And whether he thinks “ka-ching!” every time he voices another Madagascar.

And how he was a bit of an a-hole in the early ’90s, complete with a red Corvette convertible and a Jheri curl.

But he became humbled.

And he learned acting.

And now he’s even producing in order to help up-and-comers who might help him when he’s down and out.

Smart guy. And so hilariously acerbic.

Chris even tells me why he almost ate a Chick Fil-A recently, but decided not to.

Like I said, smart!

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