Rashida Jones Takes Back Her Travolta Remark


Yesterday, I gleefully reported that actor/writer Rashida Jones had spoken her mind in an on-the-record chat for a website and said it would be great if John Travolta finally came out.

I was sure she’d have to “apologize” for such honesty because nowadays, if a star says something they really mean, they’re immediately pressured to take it back so they don’t make waves that could hurt their career.

And sure enough, she’s retracted the comment and groveled, saying the whole thing isn’t her business at all.

And so, after giving us the momentary rush of hearing the kind of thing a celeb would probably say in private, we now are presented with the steamrolled, soul-sucked Hollywoodized retraction, which takes the life out of movie star moxie in favor of not rocking the spaceship.

I wonder if poor Rashida got a call from Scientology?