The Inside Story Behind Michael Jackson’s Family Mess


It’s been a big, old melodrama lately with the Jackson clan, all fighting over each other to grab some more of dead Michael’s dollars, with an inspiring sense of warmth and caring–the very same emotions they exhibited while he was alive, lol.

Well, this article lays out some of the details behind this mishegoss.

Apparently, it all started when Michael’s Joan Crawfordesque will turned out to exclude his siblings and his father.

In this case, of course, it was hard to feel that much sympathy for the alleged victims, who’d feasted off Michael’s bounty quite enough, thank you.

In fact, many of them had been getting lovely allowances from their more successful sibling for years and were obviously stunned to find the checks had stopped coming in, along with the residual glitter that once made them relevant.

Unsurprisingly, the will dis resulted in courtroom-drama-style claims and counter claims about the validity of the document, all right out of an ’80s prime-time soap opera.

Even from Janet, the only other Jackson who’s a superstar in her own right, not just the pale shadow of a legend.

It also seems to have led to mama Katherine Jackson being used as an 82-year-old pawn in the struggle.


I hope that when the hologram of Michael that they’re allegedly trotting out starts singing “Beat It,” he aims it as his awful father and the gang.

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