Sunblock? Check. Beach towel? Check. Tux? Yes, it is time once again for Black Tie Beach, presented by Improv Everywhere, the merry pranksters behind the wintertime No Pants Subway Ride. Participants should wear tuxes and evening gowns in place of more normal beach attire, but otherwise, come prepared for a fun-filled day on the sand and in the waves. (Ultimate Frisbee and sand-castle construction are encouraged!) Cheap, secondhand threads with bathing suits underneath are recommended. Secretive as always, the group won’t leak the exact location of the meeting point on its website until noon the day before. A warning: Those who show up merely as spectators and photographers will be frowned upon—this is an event for participation. Now, don’t forget your diamond-studded floaties! Location to be announced at noon on August 17 at

Sat., Aug. 18, 2 p.m., 2012

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