Biting, Yelling, Police At Gay Bars


Weird stuff has been happening on Christopher Street.

First came a message from Robert Ziegler, the owner of Boots & Saddle and co-president of the West Village Coalition.

“Six officers arrested me last night for speaking loud to them.”

He says he was escorting an unruly customer out the door of his bar when cops approached.

Apparently, things became a bit heated and the cops didn’t care for the timber of Ziegler’s voice.

The confrontational back and forth led to an arrest.

Then I heard from Pieces owner Eric Einstein, with this bizarre episode:

“Clearly one of our karaoke customers didn’t learn in kindergarten that biting is not an appropriate way to express oneself.

“After trying to molest cocktail waitress to the stars Jeramiah, he was asked to leave the bar.

“He became belligerent and bit doorguy Greg’s hand, drawing blood.

“When barwench Peter went out to make sure everything was ok, he bit his arm, again drawing blood.

“The paramedics and police were called, and some handsome EMT’s bandaged up our two wounded warriors while the ‘guest’ (short white guy, early 30’s), was taken to the 6th precinct.”


Are bath salts making a comeback already?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 16, 2012

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