Nine French Restaurants Celebrate Tomato Season


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The Tour de France Restaurant Group will be celebrating tomato season with a Tomato Festival at its nine restaurants throughout Manhattan from August 15 through August 24.

August is tomato season, and each restaurant will feature a menu with a French twist. The common denominator on each menu is a distinct tomato-infused aperitif called the Tomate Provençal created by Aviram Turgeman, the Tour de France beverage director.

Check out the lineup after the jump.

Café d’Alsace: medley of heirloom tomato salad, frozen tomato gazpacho with shrimp and avocado, and a tomate farcie (roasted beefsteak tomato stuffed with ground pork and beef) for an entrée. For dessert, they will serve a summery cherry tomato and apricot crumble.

Le Monde: feuillette d’escargot à la tomate (sautéed snails with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and tomato concassé prepared inside a puff pastry) and a tomato confit cupcake with tomato marmalade, vanilla and raspberry buttercream for dessert.

Pigalle: beefsteak tomato gratin with Gruyere fondue and olive oil bread crumbs, cod cakes with green tomato relish and cream of tomato and basil soup.

Maison: stuffed beefsteak tomato filled with jumbo crabmeat in mornay sauce and green peas alongside a yellow and red tomato gazpacho.

L’Express: chilled roasted tomato coulis with boquerones, poached quail egg and cucumber, and tomato ratatouille with poached organic eggs, thick-cut bacon ad garlic rubbed country bread.

Nice Matin: kumato tomato tart with coach farm goat curd and vincotto or grilled leg of lamb with purple Cherokee tomato salad with summer beans, red onions, imported feta cheese, and pesto.

French Roast Downtown: mussels tartine featuring chorizo, yellow and green zebra tomatoes and basil. Entrées include grilled bone-in chicken breast complemented by yellow tomato risotto and bucheron cream.

French Roast Uptown: chilled two-tone tomato soup with brandywine and Hawaiian pineapple heirloom tomatoes with diced cucumber and basil oil as well as a grilled skirt steak topped with panzarella-green zebra tomato salad with Gorgonzola cheese.

Marseille: grilled octopus with marinated baby heirloom tomatoes, tomato-bouillabaisse vinaigrette and fennel pollen or a tomato watermelon gazpacho with avocado sorbet, pink peppercorn, and fried bread.