Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine Is More Important Than Syria


Since Mitt Romney tapped Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine as his running mate Aug. 11, details have emerged that the vice presidential candidate has a grueling workout routine.

“Fresh from a workout at a hotel gym in Iowa” and wearing “exercise shorts and a University of Wisconsin baseball cap pulled down low” Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine talked to Romney advisers via video-conference monitor.

Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine, who’s still learning the ins and outs of cross-country campaigning, will primarily be charged with fundraising.

Romney’s advisers, who have “observed” Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine during his morning workouts, noticed that he likes to get paper memos, “follows the grueling P90x fitness regime” and “really likes to break a sweat,” according to Bloomberg News.

Shortly after Romney’s annoucement, however, Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine had been heralded by many as a game changer in the election cycle.

Many thought that Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine — who has come under fire for his support of Ayn Rand, but been praised by others as a libertarian-leaning candidate — would finally get people talking about the issues.

However, analysis of Google queries on Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine indicates that the second-most searched term pertaining to the 42-year-old Wisconsin Congressman is “shirtless,” according to US News and World Report.

Indeed, Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine has long been known for his workout routine.

In “A Beach Body Built in Wisconsin,” The New York Times reports that Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine, “who was a physical trainer briefly after college, has been organizing P90X workouts with a group of other congressmen including Representatives Heath Shuler, Democrat of North Carolina, and Aaron Schock, Republican of Illinois.”

Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine, billed as one of “50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill 2008” by The Hill, is said by Gawker to have a “rockin’ bod.”

And, as pointed out by the Times, Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine has been dubbed the “P90X VP” by the Washington Post, with the Daily Beast describing his exercise as an “Extreme Workout Plan,” saying that he’s ” just as zealous about zapping body fat as he is about slicing government spending.” USAToday ran similar reports, saying that Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine’s regiment is “not for the faint of heart.”

ABC worries, however, that Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine’s workout routine might pose cybersecurity risks, as “rumors of Ryan’s 6-Pac make internet swoon.”

And, in the recent wake of several mass shootings, Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine has reignited concerns whether a GOP ticket will adequately address America’s gun laws.

The ideologically conservative candidate is an adamant supporter of Second Amendment rights, and has even taught his 10-year-old daughter how to shoot a rifle.

Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine’s disagreement with Romney on key issues has also generated controversy, as he has previously clashed with the former governor on Medicare and the merits of elliptical machines.

Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine, however, has generally gotten the greenlight from the GOP, as his “Path to Prosperity Budget Plan aimed “more than half of its cost-cutting measures aimed at the very poor, including women and children.” Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine also “voted against the Lily Ledbetter fair pay act, is a passionate advocate for fetal personhood, and has voted several times to defund Planned Parenthood.”

Similar to calls that Romney release his tax returns, Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine has also generated concerns over transparency, with the Huffington Post demanding that his abs “must be disclosed to American public.”

Some have called to question whether Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine has enough foreign policy experience.

It is unclear, for example, how Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine would handle the Syrian uprising.

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