Voters Oppose Soda Limits, Back Liquor Crackdown


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It’s not really big news these days that New Yorkers aren’t particulary fond of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban. But did you know that 56 percent of New Yorkers think a New York City crackdown on alcohol abuse would be a good idea?

A Quinnipiac University study polled New Yorkers on issues ranging from breast-feeding and stop-and-frisk. Among the issues were the ban on sugary limits and the liquor crackdown.

Researchers found that voters oppose limits on soda but back a crackdown on liquor.

Support on a liquor crackdown is strong in every borough except Staten Island, where support is 40 to 35 percent with 25 percent undecided.

Contrast this with the soda ban.

Voters oppose 54 to 42 percent Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to limit the size of sugary soft drinks.