Dr. Drew Officially Is The Grim Reaper; Another “Celebrity Rehab”-er Bites The Dust


In what can only (and extremely sarcastically) be described as a staggering loss for humanity, “Celebrity Rehab” alum Joey Kovar has reportedly died from a drug overdose outside of Chicago.

This puts the tally of dead Celebrity Rehab “stars” at three.

If you’re unfamiliar with “Celebrity Rehab,” it’s a reality show where former “Love Line” host Dr. Drew Pinsky exploits the addictions of washed up celebrities to get ratings. Considering those on the show are all drug addicts — and ego-maniacal ex-celebs — it makes for some entertaining, mindless television.

Simply put: it’s like watching one train wreck after another — and it’s awesome.

Kovar starred in “Real World: Hollywood” in 2008, but left mid-season to head off to rehab to treat cocaine and ecstasy addictions.

TMZ reports that he was found by a female friend with “blood coming out of his ears and nose.” The gossip site also reports that friends and family suspect drugs are to blame (umm…no shit).

As we mentioned, Kovar is now the third former “Celebrity Rehab” alum to kick the bucket in the last 18 months.

In June, former “Rehab” “star”/LAPD punching bag Rodney King was found drowned in his pool after a night of drinking and smoking weed.

In March 2011, former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr overdosed on prescription pills.

Their chemical dependencies aside, the aforementioned dead guys all had one thing in common: they sought treatment from Dr. Drew — and opted to let the world watch them fail.

Moral of the story: Dr. Drew (with the help of cocaine, prescription pills, booze and weed) is the Grim fucking Reaper.