Freshly Rolled Cheese Blintzes From Hetman


You can eat Hetman’s blintzes right out of the carryout container. . . .

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The Story of Kolaches

Walk into any Polish obiady, or lunch joint, in Greenpoint, New Utrecht, or Ridgewood and find a steam table of prepared foods for sale, from slaws to stewed meats to sausages to breaded cutlets. Usually displayed somewhere is a stack of freshly made blintzes, filled with sweetened pot cheese and topped with a shake of powdered sugar.

. . . Or saute them first in butter.

At Hetman, a couple of blocks north of the Forest Avenue stop on the M in Ridgewood (or is it Fresh Pond?), these beautiful blintzes, a foot in length, cost you $2.25 piece. You can eat them at room temperature “as is,” or you can sauté them in butter till nicely browned on both sides and serve them with a dab of jam or jelly or a scatter of fresh fruit or berries. Any way you serve them, they make a great breakfast.

66-65 Forest Avenue
Ridgewood, Queens

Hetman, a combo Polish grocery and obiady