Losers of The Week: WBAI


I knew WBAI was a non-commercial free speech radio station that does great stuff, but I had no idea how slipshod it’s run!

A guy begged me to be on his show yesterday, and though the topic–drug laws–was not exactly up my alley, I said I could do it and gave him my number to call.

But he never did!

Nor did he respond to my pleas on Facebook to spare me from having to sit and wait for the phone to ring!

Even worse, in my desperation to reach anyone at WBAI throughout that time period to try to get them to connect me with the show, I found it as impossible as finding a newsstand in Soho.

The main switchboard had you press “O” for operator, but then it just rang and rang and rang like a nightmare.

The number for Call-in Shows led absolutely nowhere.

I also frantically tried the News Director, General Manager, Program Director, Public Affairs Director, and even Business Manager, for God’s sake!

And all those calls either led to voicemail, went to a recording saying there were too many messages to leave another one, or it just rang and rang and rang….

Does BAI stand for Boneheads Ain’t In?

Bullshit Artists Incognito?

Bein’ All Invisible?

And when am I going to learn to “Just say no”?

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