Medical Marijuana: Los Angeles Pot Shop Owners Fight Ban


The Los Angeles City Council voted in July to ban prescription pot shops, but dispensary owners have decided to fight back, the L.A. Times reports.

As detailed by the Times, the City Attorney has threatened medical marijuana managers with “penalties of $2,500 a day and up to six months in jail” if they refuse to shut down by Sept. 6, sending them a warning letter this week.

Some potpreneurs, however, are working to get a measure on the ballot to overturn the ban, the paper reports.

Area medical marijuana backers have already started gathering signatures for such a referendum.

They need some 27,500 people to sign onto their proposal.

Right now, the prohibition bars L.A.’s some 1,000 storefront dispensaries.

However, the paper explains, patients and caregivers can still legally “grow and share marijuana in groups of three people or fewer.”

Elsewhere in America’s weed world….

Reports indicate that Arizona’s medical marijuana database — which contains info on program participants — is being used frequently both by law enforcement and private employers.

Though “its primary use is to ensure that patients don’t get arrested if caught with pot by police,” Phoenix New Times‘ Ray Stern points out a problem associated with these kinds of things, writing: “We’re just wondering how long before the state’s database gets hacked.”