A Queens Gun Buyback Program Ends Up With 509 Weapons in Total


Here’s more proof that, no matter how much Americans love their guns, our affection for the Benjamin’s always trumps all in the end.
At the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Jamaica, Queens yesterday, a gun buyback initiative was held to fight back against the 12% spike in shootings this year. And the program absolutely raked it in: a total of 509 guns were given in to those who wanted to receive a $200 gift card. Oh, damn.
And these were some serious guns: WABC reported that people brought in 245 revolvers, 168 semi-automatic pistols, an AK-47, a tec-9 and a freaking Calico 9mm with a magazine that held 50 rounds. In other words, when push comes to shove, Queens is a war zone.
The Congressman for the area, Gregory Meeks, had this to say about the initiative: “While our children are dying in the streets, basically and to a large extent shooting one another, there are too many guns.” Yeah, apparently there’s way too many.
The initiative was put together soon after the news came that NYPD Sgt. Craig Bier was shot nearby on the job with an anti-gang unit. He was wounded in both of his legs and the police are offering a $32,000 reward to anyone with key information leading to the shooter. He was, unfortunately, the tenth cop shot this year.
Since the city-wide program started, around 8,200 guns have been bought back for some sort of cash prize. That is a remarkable number; the sheer thought of that many guns entering the City is something to think about for a bit.
The Huffington Post included a picture from the NYPD of the gun buyback program and what the guns actually looked like after being put together. It is the one featured at the top of this post.
With this kind of success, expect more to pop up in the near future. And we’re looking at you, gunslinger.

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