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Hey, You Can’t Attack the Garbage Man in NYC Anymore!


To anyone who has lashed out against the workers who slave night and day to pick up New York’s trash, beware!

On Friday, Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law that would make it a felony to assault sanitation workers because, before that, we guess you could just beat the crap out of them and it’d be cool (?). With the new legal protection, the sanitation worker stands on equal ground with our city’s police officers, EMTs, fire fighters and those who wave down traffic.
According to the bill’s sponsors, the law came after incidents where sanitation worker were being attacked (for whatever the reason) by those stressed out from the day. “Here, take my garbage… and this knuckle sandwich!” And it’s about damn time we started protecting those heroes. Here’s a few facts to back that up.

We, as New Yorkers, produce about 11,000 tons of garbage a day; that number is an estimate, given by the Gotham Gazette. Imagine that. That’s 22 million pounds of shit every single day. And we were allowed to attack the people whose job it is to clean that all up without some sort of intense legal backlash?

In June, the City hired another 400 sanitation workers simply because it couldn’t deal with this mess. That brings the total number of people cleaning up what New Yorkers leave behind up to around 6,100 or so. That’s 3,500 pounds or so for each worker, which seems absolutely ridiculous if that math adds up.
So, yeah, don’t even dare assault these guys. Just look at what they’re working with.

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