Bulge-Alicious Shots of David Beckham In His Briefs


David Beckham came out swinging when he posted these Facebook shots of his own fine self sporting his Bodywear line for H&M (which obviously stands for Hung & Manly).

The linked British article about this fashion phenomenon bizarrely states, “Not even blokes can resist swooning over Becks in his briefs.”

Not even blokes?

Please! Blokes are the main ones feasting on it (thanks to this homo-orgiastic blog, and quite a few others).

All I can say is, the man’s got a helluva pair of soccer balls to throw around.

Looks like Posh has lots to nosh on.

Even Becks’ Jesus tattoo seems to be kneeling in appreciation.

Help, I’m running out of jokes here!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 20, 2012

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