Cute Dog Tastes Biscuits from the Red Hook Lobster Pound


It’s not just me, my dog loves to eat too. She can clean a marrow bone in under five minutes and will eat all the cherry tomatoes from the plant if no one is looking. Her taste is guided simply by what she likes, which is absolutely everything, unfortunately. She sees the beauty in a greasy McDonald’s wrapper that’s been sitting in a puddle for three days and an ant-covered bone that’s been buried in the park. So, what did she think of the fancy lobster biscuits from the Red Hook Lobster Pound?

Obviously, she loved them.

But as far as I know, she’s never tried NYC’s more famous dog biscuits (like Bouchon’s foie gras number). And she’s never paid for her own food, either. So perhaps we shouldn’t trust her opinion as a critic?

The “lobster roll” biscuits are baked by Bocce’s Bakery, a local company that processes the Pound’s lobster meat with oat flour, potato flour, kelp, and tarragon.

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