Marilyn Monroe Dove On A Lesbian Teen


According to a new book by the lesbian teen.

Who’s now deceased.

Jane Lawrence was Marilyn’s young, starry eyed fan club president when the bombshell burst into fame.

I already wrote about how Jane’s book–completed by an author, in Janie’s voice–talks about Marilyn’s acceptance of Jane’s lesbian sexuality.

But let me now tell you, she really acepted it!

According to the book, it was in 1955 that Marilyn started kissing 15-year-old Janie when they were hanging at the superstar’s Doheny digs.

As the memoir states:

“She began kissing my belly…

“Marilyn used her tongue, lavishly flicking and licking, an entirely new sensation for me…

“Marilyn leaned over and kissed one of my erect nipples, causing me to gasp…

“I looked down at my own dark crop of hair and winced. Marilyn laughed. ‘Forget it. I like yours’…

“I complied and watched as Marilyn’s head sank between my legs.”


Well, I guess Marilyn was warming up for other Presidents, right?

And that wasn’t the end of it. The next morning, Marilyn had these wise words for Janie.

“When you have sex with a man, it can be astonishing, but ultimately, it’s just two people fucking.

“Sex between women is like two souls making love.”

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