Sir Ivan’s Annual Hamptons Bash Was Animalistically Amusing


Sir Ivan Wilzig, a rich guy who makes music and has the money to promote it, has a splashy annual party at his Renaissance-Fair-style castle in Water Mill, where they give you a red cape on the way in and a mug on the way out.

And in between? Well, it’s pretty crackers.

A few years ago, the bash featured giant plushy rabbits all over his estate, for the guests to gaily mount like rabbits.

This time, for his “La La Land” theme, there were other critters galore.

He had buggies shaped like ladybugs that you could lounge in, plus a rented carousel for pseudo equestrians and/or arrested children of all ages.

And the place swarmed with guests dressed like butterflies, bees, bunnies, and (admittedly) a few cows, all feasting on the buffet of corned beef sandwiches and caviar.

Think I’m lying about the carousel carousing?

Here’s proof below, in a photo by Rob Roth, plus some other tasty shots by Rob capturing the wild life of the wildlife.

And as some bitch noted on Facebook, “That’s a scared horse.”

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